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books of mahzar registry
Over the past month, I have been working my way slowly through the index volume of Shaykh Baqir's books of registry. So far, made it through the letter jim, and have extracted the title of transactions that involve women, this very partial list is now 95 pages long. It is definitely an underestimate since the index does not list the other side of transactions and some of the other side of transactions were likely women as well. Many of the women are well-known characters, such as Akhtar al-Saltanah, Taj al-Saltanah, Furugh al-Dawlah. Others are neighborhood residents. Because of the character of this neighborhood the registries include numerous transactions with/among Armenians, Zoroastrians (including several involving Arbab Jamshid), and Jewish individuals. Incredibly rich source for social history.
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The link was not picked up: here it is: http://www.qajarwomen.org/en/items/1014B11.html; for library page, go to http://pds.lib.harvard.edu/pds/view/15790511?buttons=y&printThumbnails=true
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