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People in the Hafez al-sahhah's photo
The photo of Hafez al-Sahhah's family is full of interesting details and shows us a lot about the lifestyle in that time period. For instance, the family is using fork and spoon, which was not common in that time, this shows the economic and social level of the family. Also, women and men are sitting next to each other and some women are not wearing hijab that shows they were not a Muslim family. The Baha'i symbolism on the back wall proves this theory. There are different stories about some of the people in the photo. For example, Hafez al-Sahhah himself was a pioneer doctor in Hamedan. His daughter Khadija(who is missing in the photo) is also one of the first female doctors in Hamedan. She tried to get licensed, but her request wasn't approved. Also, there are many accusations regarding Haji Mirza Uhena(Hafez al-Sahah's son) about advertising the Baha'i faith which some turn out to be quite offensive. At the meantime, some say that he was Jewish and never tried to advertise any religion. 
Afsaneh Najmabadi replied over 8 years ago
Do you have family documents and photographs related to Khadija Khanum? If so, will you be willing to have them included in WWQI archive? If yes, please let us know.

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