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Do you know anything about Kadjar Riza Kuli Mirza dinasty?
Good evening,
we are writing to You from Lithuania, Europe. These days we got interested in our family genelogical tree. While looking for the information on the internet, we found this picture in your website. It took our attention, because we have a picture of the woman at home. Unfortunately, due to the historical facts and years, we do not know anything about her, even name or surname. In our predictions, she is a grand-grandmother of my husband. Do you know anything about Kadjar Riza Kuli Mirza dinasty? If yes, we would really appreciate your communication with us. We also attach the picture we have so that you can compare them.
Sincerely, Helena Zybailo


Maryam Momeni replied almost 10 years ago
The name you mention in your post, Kadjar Riza Kuli Mirza is most likely Riza Quli Mirza Qajar. (Qajar is the name of the dynasty, as spelled today but Kadjar was used in the past and it is still used by family members.) If you go to our main archive site, www.qajarwomen.org, and search for Riza Quli, you will find several such people. The one that comes closest to your spelling is Riza Quli Mirza (son of Ibrahim Mirza). Whether this is the person you are looking for or not is hard to know, unless you have a lot more information. But I suggest you go to the main site and look at the other persons with that name and see if anything comes close to what you are searching for.

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