over 9 years ago, Shadi Ghazimoradi asked a question

Where can I access (online or in print) archives of women's periodicals from the constitutional period such as Danesh and Shokoufeh?
Afsaneh Najmabadi replied over 9 years ago
Several are available through www.qajarwomen.org. Look at the periodical genre. Shukufah and Danish have also been reprinted. Same with Payk-i Sa'adat-i nisvan.
Sascia Bails replied over 9 years ago
Hello, We are working on a similar issue and have been trying to find access to women's journals during the Constitutional Revolution as well. Especially Danesh and Shokoufeh would have been interesting, like you suggested. I have not been able to find those specific ones at www.qajarwomen.org. How would one get a hold of reprints of those journals and do they exist in a digitalized form anywhere? We are based in NYC in case you know of any archives in this city. Thank you for your help! Sascia

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