over 9 years ago, Mehran Mojtahedzadeh asked a question

Nude Photographs of Naser al-Din Shah's wives
I have read that there are a series of nude photographs of the Shah's wives kept in the archive of the Golestan Palace in Tehran, and that they have been secured in a safe and viewing is strictly prohibited, is this true? if so, does anyone know the actual story behind this? how and when did the museum get these photographs? is there any other source for these photographs?
Afsaneh Najmabadi replied over 9 years ago
Nasir al-Din Shah was a skilled photographer and produced a large number of photographs, including many of the members of his inner court, including his wives. They are held in Gulistan Palace Album-khaneh. To the best of my knowledge, researchers are allowed to view these albums as printed photos there.
Mehran Mojtahedzadeh replied almost 9 years ago
Thank you for your reply. The photographs that are held at the album khaneh are the ones that do not depict nudity. For me it is very interesting to know the story behind these photographs. I know that the shah photographed them himself and kept them at the palace in his private albums. In 1999, more than a century later, part of this collection was available to public view. It would be interesting to know how the museum acquired these photographs. I believe that during the Pahlavi period they where not available to public view at all...

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