over 9 years ago, Saghar Bozorgi asked a question

Where is this additional picture in the veil of Narjis Khatun part coming from?
Is it a new photo just for the sake of showing the usage of this kind of veil (Piche?) 

About the usage, could you please tell me was this used "Instead" of the long face veil (Rubande?), or it was a complementary part? If it was used with "Rubande" was "Piche" used behind it?  Which one was more important? "Piche" or "Rubande"?

Afsaneh Najmabadi replied over 9 years ago
yes, the second image is to demonstrate how the piche was worn. Piche and rubande performed the same function of keeping the face unseen in public, but piche was rather stiff, usually a dark color; rubande was longer, made of cotton, thus softer.

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