over 9 years ago, Saghar Bozorgi started a discussion

What is your guess about the date and place of the photo of baker women?
In this photo there is no date, and it is only stated that some women are baking bread. I was wondering if anybody can have a guess about the period in which this photo can belongs to (based on other similar photos that you have seen). Is there any general period regarding the pictures that are from ministry of culture? For example are they all from Qajar period? Or they can also belong to later periods? Do we know the date that these pictures are registered at the ministry of culture?
Also, can we know if the photo was taken in a city, or in a village?
Afsaneh Najmabadi replied over 9 years ago
All material on Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran, to the best of our knowledge, belong to the Qajar period (or at times, in family collections, belong to women who lived substantial parts of their lives in that period). Any information we have is indicated on the Item Detail page. For items that have come to us from another institution, only the originary depository may have additional information.

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