almost 9 years ago, Parandis Tajbakhsh asked a question

I am trying to obtain any possible information on Taj-al-Saltaneh to complement what I have read in her auto-biography.
I am trying to understand to what extent she was influenced by the apparent conflict of science and religion in the west, especially issues that surfaced following the publication of the Origin of Species (1859) by Darwin. Please kindly let me know of any references or additional info that you might have.
WWQI Admin replied almost 9 years ago
Dear Ms. Tajbakhsh, We have a new collection called Taj Iran Zarghami, which hopefully will be up in about 3 weeks. It belongs to Taj al-Saltanah's granddaughter and you could find some photographs, a transcript of Taj al-Saltanah's memoir and other writings by her granddaughter. Best, WWQI Admin
Parandis Tajbakhsh replied almost 9 years ago
Thanks very much for this! I look forward to browsing this collection.

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