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Photo captions
Some photo captions seem to be arbitrary as you compare similar photographs with different captions either in a single photo album like "this" or across different collections/archives like the photograph called "Young woman" and "this photograph" at Freer Gallery attributed to Sevruguin.

Here is another example: the photograph with titled "Four women", which according to Majid Rezazad ʻAmu Zayn al-Dini, author of Zaynab Pasha (Tabriz: Akhtar, 2009), "another version of this photograph is kept at the archive of the Northwestern branch of the National Library and Archives in Tabriz. That photograph bears a handwritten line on the top, 'Zaynab Pasha and Yuz Bashi Khavar and Nayib Kulsum in their youth.' This identification has been confirmed by Tabriz Archives -- the woman in white dress and scarf in this picture is Zaynab Pasha. Also, reputable researchers, such as Rahim Raʼis Niya and ʻAbd al-Husayn Nahidi Azar, who have written articles on Zaynab Pasha, have used this picture to introduce this revolutionary Tabrizi woman of late Qajar era. Several years ago, based on this photograph, a statue of Zaynab Pasha, ordered by Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of East Azarbayjan Province, was made and put into public view in Khanah-i Mashrutah-i Tabriz (Constitution House of Tabriz). See also: Ganjinah-i Asnad, Special issue for the anniversary of Constitutional Movement, No. 62, Vol. 16, Summer 2006, p.101, Tehran: National Library and Archives of Iran"; see attached for a copy of this photograph.


علی باغدار دلگشا replied almost 10 years ago
سلام بر شما . ایا عکس دیگری از زینب پاشا وجود دارد ؟
WWQI Admin replied almost 10 years ago
آقای باغدار دلگشا، با سلام. ما اطلاعی از وجود عکس‌های دیگر زینب پاشا نداریم.

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