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Taj al-Saltanah or Queen Natalija of Serbia?
Hello, I recently researched and wrote a blog post about ʻIsmat al-Dawlah and Taj al-Saltanah (https://abitofhistoryblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/princess-qajar-and-the-problem-with-history-memes...), in which I sourced and cited this great site. In my original feature image, I used this photo (http://www.qajarwomen.org/en/items/1253A15.html) for Taj. However, at least two individuals have suggested that this is, in fact, Queen Natalija of Serbia. I have changed the photo since this information has come to me, and wanted to alert you of this as well. Can anyone shed some clarity on this? Thank you! -Victoria

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